This month’s Quick Question is:

How do you quantify the impact of user experience so that stakeholders can make an informed decision, when the decision makers don’t think there is an issue? The sponsor doesn’t believe that it’s important to change the user experience of our software, even though we know that the development is going to cause problems for the user because it’s not easy to use.

Below is a summary of my answer to this. For the full response, watch the video.

  • There’s a conflict between what the team says is appropriate for the user experience, and what the management team are saying.
  • You need data that will convince the sponsor that they need to change their opinion.
  • You can do that with a user group and asking ‘real’ customers about how easy it is to use the software.
  • The sponsor doesn’t believe what you are saying – find someone they do believe and use them to pass the message on.
  • Present recommendations so that it is easy for your sponsor to make a decision (the right decision).