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As a project manager you expect to be busy. You love to feel a sense of achievement as you get things done — but things don’t always go that way…

You want to be a better project manager.

But how would it feel…

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Introducing Project Management Rebels

A private group mentoring community for project managers just like you.


What’s included

And you’ll benefit from free access to paid public courses including my popular Scheduling, Change Management and Delivery Roadmap workshops worth $470, as well as free access to all future workshops and training.

The PM Rebels dedicated membership site is easy to access no matter where you are.

PM Rebels is perfect for you if:

“PM Rebels has grown my confidence in my own ability. Hearing that other people have similar issues and knowing that you can help them with your experiences is so empowering.”

– Rachel Owen

“Access to tools and meeting recordings is so valuable. As well as the feeling you get from being part of a community of people that think alike.”

– Katrien Vermeiren

Meet your mentor

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, Mentor, Author, Award-winning blogger and APM Fellow …

And I was a project manager just like you for 20 years. I really felt I could make a difference. But I also doubted myself.

I’ve made brave choices to get to where I am now – but at every stage I’ve felt just like you.

So, I now use my experiences to help others make their own brave choices and take big steps forward.

“Elizabeth’s given me a model I can aspire to–a friendly person who’s also a badass at getting things done.”

– Karla

“She understands project management doesn’t happen in a perfect environment, and gives practical, actionable advice.”

– Lindsay

“I really appreciate Elizabeth’s easy-going, positive style. She makes project managing sound challenging but in a good way… challenging but achievable.”

– Miranda Bridgwater

“Elizabeth is the most committed mentor I have met so far. Enthusiastic, optimistic and with a passion for PM.“

– Alex Errea

PM Rebels Membership

Monthly membership $27 pm
Affordable monthly payments
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Payments can be made in in $ or £

Annual membership $300
Pay annually
and get 1 month FREE!

Payments can be made in in $ or £

I get it, you have a lot going on already. Work is busy, life is busy. You don’t need more to do. But PM Rebels is designed to make things simpler.

This isn’t just another training course to complete and then file away. There are no exams and no rigid this-doesn’t-tell-me-what-I-need curriculum to follow.

This is real-world support that you can access every day to make your work easier.

How many hours have you spent Googling the answers?

Watching Youtube videos (on 1.5 speed) without being sure you’ll actually get what you need?

Or just scrolling mindlessly because you’re so overwhelmed?

Instead, why not put that time towards getting the support and reassurance you need.

Just 2 hours a month is enough to get access to the training and group mentoring opportunities that will give you the confidence to drive your career forward.

You can be confident that Project Management Rebels will give you the answers you’re looking for.

“The fact that everything is recorded and available at a time that suits me really helps. The sessions, are never longer than an hour, and that makes them really manageable to fit around my schedule.”

– Alex Shephard

“Where there’s a lot of ‘noise’ and I just need some really clear advice or pointers, I reach out to Elizabeth and get advice that I can trust. I consider PM Rebels to be an investment in my future. It helps keep me in a job and supports my future aspirations. Anything is possible when you’re a PM Rebel!”

– Amanda Howard

“I’ve given up my Institute for IT Practitioners membership, as it didn’t feel like good value for £150+ a year but have kept the PM Rebels membership as it offers so much more.”

– Amanda Howard

Got questions? (Of course you have, you’re a project manager)

Members are from all sorts of industries, from IT and Finance through to Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and Engineering. From start-ups through to big multi-national companies, members span all sorts of different experiences. And we’re an international bunch with members in the UK, Europe and across the USA and NZ. So, there’s plenty of different experiences to share, and lots in common.

There is no time requirements. You can join for a month and check it out, or if you are already confident that you’d benefit from more regular support, sign up for a year and benefit from a reduced price.

No, of course not! All calls are recorded so you can watch them back at a time that is convenient for you.

You are in full control of your membership. You can cancel your payment at any time.

What The PM Rebels Are Saying

“I was lacking in confidence, thinking that everyone else knew what they were doing, which stopped me from applying for a strategic project manager role. This changes when you have access to clear, professional advice and support, meaning that you are ready to take on the world. It’s not rocket science to manage projects, but it’s helpful to have clear sensible advice to deal with the very real challenges.”

– Amanda Howard

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