Today on the call we talked about the providers and receivers matrix, career paths, reporting templates and these questions:

From Aisha:

One thing that’s been particularly difficult this week is scheduling. Why is MS project so intense? It is a great tool but I’m overwhelmed at the many options and capabilities. Any tips on schedule building in general? Videos to watch? I’ve been avoiding and manually keeping up with dates in excel haha. (Yeah – shameful I know) It’s pretty embarrassing not to be able to keep up with my teams input when I pull up a project file and try to figure out how to do things on the spot!

  • You’ve got to diary time to learn it
  • Meanwhile, don’t pull it up in front of other people!! Get back to them later.


From Robie:

The most difficult thing about managing multiple projects for me is mitigating the scope creep and managing the various stakeholders. Managing and controlling the communication piece between our decision makers and other VPs also leads to a lot of scope creep.

  • Talk about why we have a change process at the beginning of the project
  • Have a change form
  • Have a scope document, and get it signed
  • Change is OK, but they need to understand the impact
  • Build credibility as a trusted advisor so that they listen to your recommendations


From Kathryn:

How do I manage my actions items across the projects, and managing my team’s action items without becoming a nag.

and this one from Judith which is similar:

How do I keep on top of all the documentation and tasks for all the projects, often I’m not just coordinating, I’m also doing. Also ensuring everyone is kept informed of every change.

  • See action log – send it out weekly as a way to hold people accountable.
  • Don’t stress about nagging
  • Add documentation to do the To Do list or plan so you have a reminder to do it.
  • Notebook with action list, slice off the corner
  • Block time in diary to do tasks
  • Horizon scanning for what’s due next week – individually and with team


Skills for the Information Age (SFIA) skills framework – login (free), go to Documentation to see the framework

UK Government career framework (.pdf)

Report Template (.doc)