Colin D. Ellis joined us on the call today, taking your questions including:

I am often asked how I would handle a person on my team who is reluctant, or resistant, to participating on the project.   I would be interested to know how you and our community members would respond to this inquiry.

~ From Deb

Do you have any recommendations for managing the close out of one set of projects while another set of projects is kicking off? I find that my focus gets pulled towards the new projects like a shiny object and I forget to schedule the outstanding items related to closing out the old ones since they no longer have relate-able deadlines.

~ From Christina

How do you keep stakeholders interested and focused on the project at hand?  Notably, stakeholders who are spread thin across a multitude of projects and the one in question is just one of many?

~ From Krysti

Why are projects still failing – why aren’t we learning the lessons of the past and doing things differently, and what should “differently” be?